The City seen from above

The City of Water Deposits and Parabolic Antennas


My instinct as an architect/urbanist tells me to photograph the city from above. I find that the city shows a lot of itself when seen from the rooftop.  You can see a lot of details that are hidden from the street level that shows the citizens character. And the Albanian cities, when seen from the rooftop, are the cities of Water deposits and TV antennas. As the Albanian city has grown in size and density, the state has been inadequate to support public amenities. The citizens have compensated for the lack of infrastructure, building their own water deposits and parabolic antennas to see Western TV channels.


Here I photographed the city of VLORA, which is one of the main cities in Albania, after Tirana (the capital) and Durres (the main port). Like the other two, the city has grown in population and size. The buildings have grown in height and the space between buildings has decreased, therefore taking the place of public gardens and children playgrounds. The citizens have compensated the lack of public amenities building their own parabolic antennas and water deposits in their rooftop.